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Welcome to a world where craft is everything. Reena Martin, a pioneer in the field of craft making, takes you on a voyage through a world of creativity and talent. This site gives you a firsthand experience on how to make beautiful and creative pieces of Art. At Finger Magic, we magnify your fingers into fingers that spell real magic. The hobby classes we provide are the perfect showcase of latent talents hidden in each individual. Learn all kinds of Painting , Fabric arts, Glass arts Floral crafts, Wood and metal arts, Pot paintings, Clay works, Jewelry making and traditional arts like Mural, Tanjore etc. The tutorial section includes channel demonstrations and personal videos relating to "how to make" series. The classes are intended for ladies and girls and the timing is from 10 AM to 2 PM , 6 days a week. The center is located at Lakelad, Florida, United States of America.
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Reena Martin Fingermagic Painting Arts Miniature, Starch, Marble, Mughal, Rajasthani, Ink, Jal, Knife, Wood, Sand, Tanjore, Nib (4 Types), Mirror (2 Types), Pencil shading, Ink shading (3 Types), Jute, Icing on Canvas, Canvas Embossing, Shinkar, more
Reena Martin Fingermagic Mural Paintings Mural painting on canvass, Ajantha Mural, Mural on Sarees and other mediums like pot, Glass etc more
Reena Martin Fingermagic Glass Arts Glass/Reverse Glass Painting, Patchwork, Cut Glass, Madhupani, Etching, Embossing, Enamelling, 3D Painting, Glass Tanjore, Aqua, 3D Ship, Cut Glass painting (2 Types), Icing on Glass, Celtic Painting, Black & White Painting more
Reena Martin Fingermagic Thai flower work Artificial/Dry Flower making, Fresh/Dry/Artificial Flower Arrangement, Fresh/Dry/Artificial Bouquet making, Car decoration, Thai clay flower making more